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Did you know that the average cost of new cars is $36,270? That represents a 3.9% increase from the average last January 2017! All these tell us that car ownership cost continues to rise. It also raises the importance of protecting your pricey investment from potential property crime. The fact that nearly 237 motor vehicles per 100,000 individuals were stolen in 2016 should be enough to make you install the best car alarm system ASAP. But what exactly makes for the best car security system?

Don’t worry. We’ll show you the ropes on this one. After all, the last thing you want to happen is for someone to steal your car

Check out this guide on buying car alarms (and the best consumer-rated ones too).

7 Best Car Alarm Systems for 2020

To make your hunt for the best car alarm system even easier, we’ve rounded up five of those that have the best consumer ratings. Check out our best car alarm reviews here!

Check out these top seven anti-theft car products you should consider:

1. Automate 2-Way LCD Vehicle Car Alarm

Best Car Alarm with Remote Start

Best Car Alarm with Remote Start

This car alarm system isn’t just a 2-way full feature security device. It also comes with a remote start feature complete with USB charging! You’ll get a 2-way pager remote and another 1-way 5-button controller. The SuperCode(R) remote encryption allows for even greater peace of mind. You’ll feel more at ease with its additional security arm and disarm functionalities.


Best Car Security System with GPS Tracking

Best Car Security System with GPS Tracking

With this real-time GPS tracker, you can find out where exactly thieves are heading for in your stolen ride. It also provides you with parked car alerts – even details on speed! It has solid memory storage, which allows you to review up to one year of tracking history. To top it all off, you can use your computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet to track the location of your car.

3. AVITAL Security/Remote Start System

Best Car Alarm 2020


With the active and passive arming functions of this AVITAL security system, you no longer need to worry about forgetting whether you locked your car doors. When someone tries to get into it, the panic mode sounds off an alarm, complete with flashing parking lights.

It also offers multi-level security arming features. This means you can choose which sensors to activate and which ones to deactivate.

4. EASYGUARD Smart Key RFID Car Alarm System

Best Car Alarms on the Market with RFID

Best Car Alarm on the Market with RFID

The EASYGUARD EC002 offers more than just Passive Keyless Entry. It lets you unlock/lock your car doors from 1 to 2 meters away with its key fob functionality! The remote engine start/stop and push start/stop button also makes it more convenient to warm your engine up, which is especially useful in colder climates. It also comes with the latest RFID technology which ups vehicle security even more.

5. SAFETYON Keyless Entry System Car Alarm
SAFETYON Keyless Entry System Car Alarm

Many users praise this SAFETYON car alarm system for its ease-of-installation (10 to 15 minutes, tops). But its benefits go beyond that – with its keyless entry technology, you can worry less about other (unwanted) people getting access to your car. The deadbolt’s superior strength will make it very difficult for burglars and thieves to bypass it.

6. InstallGear Car Alarm Security & Keyless Entry System

Best Car Alarm with Keyless Entry

Best Car Alarm with Keyless Entry

Keep the rights to locking and unlocking your car doors exclusive to yourself with InstallGear’s keyless entry system. In case someone unauthorized still attempts to get in, the car alarm will sound off, notifying you right away.

7. AUTO-VOX Wireless Backup Camera Kit

Best Car Security System with Backup Camera

Best Car Alarm with Backup Camera

Safety and security hazards aren’t limited to while you’re away from your vehicle. You can easily find your car burglarized when you miss burglar hiding spots in a less-than-stellar part of the neighborhood. As such, you should also consider getting the best car security camera.

With the AUTO-VOX Wireless Backup Camera Kit’s impressive night vision, you have better chances of spotting these unscrupulous individuals. Of course, it’ll also help you park your ride safely and properly.

The Benefits of a Car Security System You Shouldn’t Overlook

Apart from the obvious protection, it provides to your ride, what else can the best auto security system do for you? For one, it’s your ticket to lower car insurance premiums! With the average insurance rates amounting to $1,503 per year, qualifying for an anti-theft car discount can already save you money.

In the event that a thief does drive away in your ride, a security system allows for its quick recovery. That’s many thanks to the tracking features advanced motor vehicle security systems come with.

But the fact alone that you’ll feel more at ease knowing you have a crime deterrent in place should be enough. The threat of car theft is real, so it’s best you consider car security technology as important as what’s under the hood.

best car security system

Tips on Choosing the Best Car Alarm System

Even though the world’s best security systems can’t guarantee 100% car theft protection, getting one for your ride still significantly reduces the possibility. Of course, the more advanced the technology, the better.

To help you make the right choice though, base your decision on these important factors:


This is the most important, and you want your security system’s alarm to have a powerful noise-making component. This way, when unscrupulous individuals attempt car burglary or theft, it’ll sound off right away. The sound itself can already scare the perps away. At the same time, you can get on to calling the police as soon as you hear the siren.

best car alarms


The best anti-theft systems come with sensitive sensors designed to detect a possible theft in-progress. You should also consider opting for car security systems that provide remote functionalities (think keyless start/entry).


Some car alarms are as is, meaning you install them and that’s it. Although this is fast and easy, it limits your options when it comes to features and customization. As such, you should consider going for a modular system. This way if you want to up your car’s security, even more, you can easily add more features and techs later on.

Easy-to-Understand Instructions

While many car alarms are easy to install, they can still be quite confusing for the first-timers. That’s why you want to make sure the product you’ll invest in comes with user-friendly instructions. Especially if you fully intend to install it on your own.

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