A lot of people do not pay attention to car tires when they are buying a new car or eve when replacing the tires. In most cases, you will find that people are more interested in the performance of the car, its interior and exterior design and the colour. While it is important to consider all these, you should not leave out the tires. Check out our list of the best tires for Prius owners and why it makes sense to spend the extra money for a set.

Top 5 Best Tires for Prius of 2017

Here are the overall top all around best tires for Prius owners.

1. Michelin-Energy Saver All-Season Radial Tire [Model 195/65R15 91T]

Michelin-Energy Saver - A/S All-Season- Radial Tire

Michelin is a brand that has been at the top and is accepted by many as producing the highest quality tires. The Energy Saver – A/S (All-Season) is another one of their amazing tires. Michelin has incorporated the Green X technology. This optimizes the tires resistance to rotation, equating to even better gas mileage for the driver which is gravy for Prius drivers who own one of the best MPG vehicles available.

Apart from this, the treads on the tires are of very high quality and very durable. The treads also have an energy-optimized design which allows you to have an even better experience driving your vehicle. These are tires that allow you to drive smoothly, quietly and with control. These are features that can be quite difficult to get in other tires and are certainly features that would do great for your Prius.

2. Continental PureContact Radial Tire [Model 195/65R15 91H]

Continental-ProContact - EcoPlus-Radial tire

One thing that many people want is suitable fuel economy when using the Prius. This is normally achieved through the use of high quality tires. However, there are certain companies that are not able to make their tires fuel economy friendly without compromising on comfort. This is however not a problem for Continental PureContact Radial tires. The reason why they are one of the best tires for Prius is the fact that they have great fuel economy that does not rob away from the comfort one gets when driving the vehicles.

The tires are also very quiet when on the road and they have a quality thread that is very durable. The tires are very light and have a rolling resistance that is very low and greatly improves the performance of your vehicle. These tires are also great for all seasons. They are however not as great in winter compared to the winter specific tires but they are great for all other seasons whether dry or wet.

3. Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus All-Season Radial Tire [Model P195/65R15 89S]
Bridgestone-Ecopia EP2 - All-Season Radial Tire

Bridgestone-Ecopia EP2-All-Season Radial tire is an amazing tire for the Prius. It is an all season tire which means you can use it in any weather conditions. The great thing about these tires is the fact that they were specifically made for the Prius. This means you can expect them to function similar to how your vehicle performed when it was new. It is the main reason why it is at the top of the list of best tires for Prius. The rolling resistance on this vehicle is very low and the traction is in minimal levels as well. Although these tires are perfect for the Prius, they have certain drawbacks.

First and foremost, if you are looking for tires that have durable threads, these are probably not the right fit for you since the treads are not very long lasting. The other disadvantage of these tires is the fact that you might require replacing your wheels in order to have them placed in your old Prius. This is because they only come in one size. Apart from these two things, these tires give a very good performance and are great for Prius.

4. Yokohama Avid Touring S All-Season Tire [Model 195/65R15 89S]
Yokohama Avid - Touring S-All-Season Tire

The Yokohama Avid-Touring S-All-season tires are great for the Prius owner who is looking for affordable and fuel economic tires. The best thing about these tires is the fact that they offer you incredible performance during the wet and dry seasons even though they do not have the best traction. Another thing to like about these tires is the fact that they have a treads that are highly durable. This means you get to use the tires for a long time in perfect condition. The tires are however not great for the winter compared to winter specific tires.

5. Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus Radial Tire [Model 195/65R15 91H]
Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus

The Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus Radial Tire is another example of the best tires for Prius. These tires have amazing features that make them suitable for the Prius. First and foremost, the tires have durable treads. This is a great feature for those who use their vehicles often.

The other great thing about these tires is the fact that they have great fuel economy that is brought about by their low rolling resistance. The Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus Radial Tire is also great for the driver who is in search of affordable but high quality tires. The only downside of these tires is the fact that they can get quite loud when the vehicle is moving at a very high speed. This however does not rob away from the driving experience.

What to Consider Before Buying Prius Tires

What to look for in the best tires for prius

When you make a decision to buy new tires for your Prius, it is very important to consider several things:

  1. 1Price. The first thing you need to consider before you buy any tires is the price you are willing to pay. This is because different brands that sell the best tires for Prius sell the tires at very different prices. There are those that offer great performance and have incredible features but are very affordable and there are those that are on the higher price and offer almost the exact same features. Knowing the price range you can afford helps you know narrow down your search to only the tires within that range. This saves you time that would have otherwise been spent checking out expensive tires. However, when it comes to tires, the best tires tend to be expensive since they include additional features that are very important for every driver. It is therefore a good idea to think about expanding one’s budget in order to get these. They are more durable and offer you even better performance in most cases.
  2. 2Treads. The treads on tires say a lot about how the tires will perform in different weather conditions. For instance, studded tires tend to offer great performance in the wet and cold seasons since they can move easily in mud and snow. When it comes to summer however, you will experience a lot of difficulty with such tires since the treads do not provide the required cushioning in such weather conditions. This is something that can really ruin your driving experience. It is therefore advisable to research the right treads for your weather conditions. For an all around tire, These will not only work well in the summer but also in the wet and cold seasons of the year.
  3. 3Size. The other thing you should look for before you buy any tires for your vehicle is the sizes in which the tires come in. This is important because it enables you to know whether the tires will fit on the wheels of your car. This enables you to make a decision of whether or not to go for a tire that requires a new set of wheels or one that can fit perfectly without requiring a lot of work. The reason why this is an important consideration is the fact that it allows you to know what additional costs you will be required to carter for in order to get the tires.
  4. 4Noise. One thing that can really ruin a driver’s experience especially when driving for a long distance is noise. Most people assume that it is only the poor quality tires that make a lot of noise when one is driving. The truth is, even the best tires tend to have this problem. It is therefore very important to do your research before you buy tires for your Prius. One thing that can help you know what to expect is reading user reviews. From the reviews, you can be able to tell what to expect with a set of tires.
  5. 5Season. The other thing you need to consider is the seasons that the tires are made for. If you are looking for specific season tires, you need to do your research on these in order to identify the best. However, if you want a set of tires which you can use all year round, you should do research on all-season tires. This narrows down your search and gives you a higher chance of finding the best tires for Prius. When looking for all-season tires, it is advisable to go for the durable type in order to ensure you get to use them for a long time.

General Thoughts on Purchasing the Right Tires

You should concentrate even more on the tires unless you want to find yourself in a ditch due to faulty or low quality tires. Vehicle tires are a very important part of a car. This is because it is the only part of the car that actually comes into contact with the road. It is supposed to have high quality treading and should be well inflated to avoid any accidents. Hybrid car owners know the value of taking care of their vehicle for the long term.2016 Toyota Prius Tires

One vehicle that a lot of people have an issue with purchasing tires for is the Prius. This is because there are many options one can choose from since there are numerous brands dealing with tires these days. Like with other products, there are a good number of tire brands that do not produce high quality products. For this reason, it is important to know how to go about getting the best tires for Prius in order to ensure safety and great performance.

There are several reasons why you need to purchase high quality tires. First and foremost, quality tires are safe since they enable you to turn, stop and move without any problems. The other advantage of having quality tires is the fact that they boost the performance of your car. The speed at which you move, stop or turn is all dependent on the quality of tires you have. Apart from these, quality tires help with gas mileage; they improve traction and give you a great driving experience.

Benefits of High Quality Prius Tires

Benefits of high quality prius tires


There are several benefits a Prius driver gets from choosing high quality tires for his or her car. First and foremost, you are assured of safety when you have high quality tires on your vehicle. With high quality tires, you are able to stop, turn and move your vehicle without any difficulties. This is very important because it prevents you from getting involved in accidents. The reason why this is a possibility is because such tires tend to have long lasting treads that cushion your vehicle allowing you to have a safe ride.


The quality of a vehicles tires is what determines how long it will take for your car to stop and whether or not you can make a turn at high speed. With high quality tires, turning and stopping are not an issue because your tires are able to give your car optimum performance which not only enables you to enjoy the driving experience but one that ensures you are safe driving the vehicle at different speeds.

Weather Proof

The other benefit you get from high quality tires is great traction. It is very important to have tires that have treads that are not only defined but hard. This is important because it allows you to have an easy driving experience in different weather conditions. If you have tires that have a soft tread for instance, you might have a very difficult time driving the car during the summer since the tires will not offer the balance you need to drive especially at high speeds although these kind of treads work well in mud and snow.

Wear Evenly

Last but not least, high quality tires offer you an amazing driving experience. By investing in a new set of four tires they will all have about the same lifespan and wear more evenly. That means less taking in your vehicle for routine tire rotation and more enjoying your vehicle. Whether you are experiencing long distance travel or a short drive through the city you’re going to have a very smooth drive. The other thing that enables you to have an amazing driving experience with high quality tires is the fact that they are not noisy even when you are moving at a very high speed. All these play important roles in ensuring you have an easy and enjoyable time driving your car.

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