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Most people automatically assume that customizing your car should be things like lights, wheels, or even installing a remote car starter. They often forget the most obvious and practical customization, seat covers. Aftermarket seat covers will give the interior of your car a custom look. They will also protect your manufacturer’s seats from the dirt and stains of e7eryday use.

7 Best Car Seat Covers for 2020

In this section, we’re going to review some of the best car seat covers out there. We’ve featured a variety of fabrics so that you can see the range in colors. The best custom car seat covers come in almost all popular makes and models of vehicles, in a variety of colors.

We’ve given each of these covers an award to indicate why they made our Top 7 List! The list is in order of price range ascending.

1. Custom Fit Seats Covers Saddleblanket Fabric

Best Car Seat Covers: Durability

saddle blanket cover

If you are looking for seat covers that can take a beating, these saddle blanket covers are the ones for you. While the woven fabric pattern is the same for all options, you can choose from a variety of color accenting options. This set comes with covers for all of the seat related areas. This includes the headrests, armrests, console cover, and map pockets.

2. Dry Rub Car Seat Cover for Athletes

Best Protective Car Seat Cover 

car seat cover

Our friends at Dry Rub know that protecting the interior of your vehicle is important. Active individuals face a unique challenge when it comes to keeping their car seats fresh and clean- and Dry Rub has a solution. Designed specifically to protect from sweat, these particular covers are odor, stain, and bacteria-fighting geniuses. With a universal fit and a hassle-free return policy – we highly recommend giving these high quality covers a try.

3. 4Knines Dog Seat Cover With Hammock

Best Dog Car Seat Cover

dog car seat cover

If you are looking for the best dog car seat cover for durability, this cover should get some attention for you. The bottom and backing layer is non-slip, ensuring that the cover will stay in place. The next layer is a colorfast polyester backing. There is a cotton padding layer to add comfort and cushioning. The top layer is a 600 polyester rated at over 190 GSM. It has also been treated with three layers of a waterproof coating.

4. Saddleman Custom Made Front Bucket Seat Covers

Best Car Seat Covers: Neoprene

best car seat covers

These neoprene seat covers by Saddleman are perfect for the adventurer. You have four two-tone color options, black, red, blue, and grey. The material has been treated with enhanced UV protection. This will keep the color vivid even in the brightest sunlight. With the easy to install slip-on design, you won’t need any tools for installation. Slide these cover over your existing seats for a tight, waterproof fit.

5. Coverking Tailored Seat Cover

Best Car Seat Covers: Style

Tailored Seat Cover

These Coverking seat covers are perfect for those who are looking for something sassy and unique to match their personality. The leopard print accenting is on the headrest, back, and seat. They are made from high-quality neoprene for increased durability and comfort. The pattern is sure to last as it has been treated to resist the sun’s harmful UV rays.

6. Coverking Custom Fit Front Bucket Seat Cover Velour

Best Car Seat Covers: Comfort

velour seat cover

For a luxurious feel, velour seat covers will give your seat a warm and comfortable feeling. They are also more affordable than other material options. The details of these seat covers are key, with stitching that is designed to mimic the stitching in your factory seats. These seats are designed to be as close to manufacturer specs as possible. This will make installation tough and require some effort to slide them over your seats. These are some of the best custom car seat covers available.

7. Custom Fit Seats Covers White Vinyl Fabric

Best Car Seat Covers: Resistant 

seat covers for a car

These white vinyl seat covers are truly unique in both color and material. White may not be the best option for those with an active lifestyle. If you mainly use your car for commuting to and from work, then white may be a viable option for you. The vinyl material will be durable and repel water and stains. The downside is that the vinyl material tends to be thicker. This means they won’t conform to your seats as well as other materials.

How Many Should You Buy?

Are you going to buy a cover for just your driver’s seat? That might be functionally useful, but not visually appealing. If you are looking to save money, you may only want to buy covers for the seats that you use most often. However, many people choose to buy seat covers for both of the front seats.

If looks are really important, you may decide to buy covers for the back seat too. Buying covers for all of your seats can become a large investment depending on the make and model of your car.

What Type of Car Do You Own?

Before you decide what seat covers you need to know the make, model, and year of your car. This is how you will narrow down your options and know the covers will fit.

best car seat cover

Material Options

Depending on your lifestyle and climate, you’ll want to look for different types of materials for your covers. Consider the climate, is it cold or hot and humid. Are you going to the beach or woods or just driving to work?


If you live in a colder climate then sheepskin may be ideal. This material may not last long term as the sheepskin will matte with wear.


Neoprene is water-resistant and durable, usually found as the material of wetsuits. Definitely consider this material if you live in a place with a high amount of rain. Also, consider neoprene if you do a lot of water-related activities. This could be boating, fishing, surfing, or just going to the beach.


Cotton is the material known for being breathable. This makes it perfect for hot and humid climates. Cotton seat covers can be thrown into the washing machine. This makes them long-lasting and low maintenance. Fabric material tends to be the cheapest option. You will also find a wider selection of colors and patterns.

Saddle Blanket

Saddle blanket is a tough, durable fabric that is known for its ability to be tough. They are a tightly woven fabric with a “Western” type of look.


car seat covers

If you are looking for genuine leather seat covers, prepare to spend top dollar. Your choice of colors is pretty much brown or black. Leather is extremely durable and easy to maintain. Just take a cloth and wipe the covers clean in the event of a spill.

What Color Should You Choose?

Don’t feel obligated to buy new seat covers that are the exact color of your car seats. Do try to make them compliment the interior and exterior of your car. Keep in mind that lighter colors will show dirt and stains more quickly. Darker colors are going to feel hotter than lighter colors.

The color you choose may look bright and vibrant now. Keep in mind that the sun’s UV rays are going to do a number on your covers to fade the color over time.

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