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Every year $4.3 billion light truck tires are sold. In such a large market it may be overwhelming finding the best tires for F150 trucks. The best approach is to decide what features are important to you. Then you look for the tire that fits your needs. Keep reading to find out how to select the best tires for Ford F150 and our top picks.

8 Best Tires for F150 Trucks

Below are the best tires for F150 trucks. Whether you are looking for a good all season tire or tough off road severe winter tires, we’ve got them on this list.

After our suggestions, we’ve but together a quick informational section about things you should consider before buying tires for your F150.

1. Michelin LTX M/S2

Best All Season Tire for F150

Michelin LTX M-S2 best f150 tire

These Michelin tires are the best all terrain tires for F150 trucks. The Michelin LTX is a silica compound designed to give a smooth ride in all seasons.

The asymmetric tread design provides increased traction. The four wide channels and open shoulder slots channel water efficiently away. The tire features internal twin steels belts to provide heavy load capabilities. All this and more is why we awarded Michelin as the best all season tires for F150.

 2. Firestone Destination A/T

firestone destination all terrain ford f150 tires

The Destination comes with three sidewall options, letting you customize your look. They combine all-terrain toughness with on-road comfort.

This is another tire with the dual high tensile steel chord belts that have been reinforced with wrapped nylon. Polyester chord chasing is then added for durability, strength, and comfortable ride.

 3. Bridgestone BLIZZAK DM-V2

Best Snow Tires for F150

Bridgestone BLIZZAK DM-V2 ford f150 tires

The Bridgestone Blizzak tires are designed to be used in ice and snow. The enhanced tread design gives traction for your truck in ice and snow.

Technology was built into this tire with a hydrophilic coating and microscopic bite particles. Special rubber compounds were used so your tires stay flexible even in below freezing temperatures.

4. Nitto Terra Grappler G2

Nitto Terra Grappler G2 Traction Radial Tire-min

Nitto’s Terra Grappler G2 is an excellent all season tire that does decent in terrain. Nitto brands this tire as an all terrain light truck tire but the off-road performance is mediocre. They offer great highway driving and are going to handle dirt roads and gravel without an issue.

The G2 is the latest iteration of Nitto’s extremely popular Grappler flagship tire. The tread pattern and rubber compound is updated, maximizing traction and reducing road noise. On top of that, Nitto backs this tire with a 50,000 to 65,000 mile limited treadwear warranty.

5. Bridgestone Dueler Alenza HL

Best Highway Tires for F150

Bridgestone Dueler HL Alenza All-Season Tire

For the price, these are our top pick for the best F150 highway tires. You’ll find Alenzas on Hummers, Jeeps, and other popular trucks. Most folks who’ve used these tires on their F150 report an absolute quiet drive. On top of that, these tires last a very long time. They may not be as perfect as the Michelin LTX MS2’s, but for the price they are tough to beat. They aren’t a winter tire by any means, but they are going to do just fine in most plowed road conditions.

The only con most people cite is the look and design of the tires. They don’t look special or aggressive in any way but the wider and deeper tread doesn’t look too shabby. This Bridgestone tire scores above average in road noise, treadwear, and in most performance metrics — a great bang for your buck.

 6. Firestone DESTINATION LE 2

Firestone DESTINATION LE 2 best f150 tire

Firestone’s all season light truck tires are specifically meant to be the best tires for F150 trucks and other light utility vehicles. This tire combines long-term wear with a great ride.

The Destination is silica-enhanced compound molded tread design. It grips the road in dry or wet conditions. Notched shoulders and continuous ribs ensure a superior road handling and long tread life.

Sweeping treads help water flow out from underneath the tire reducing the risk of hydroplaning.

 7. General GRABBER AT2

Best Off Road Tires for F150


The Grabber is one of the best tires for F150 trucks and other off-roading sport utility vehicles. It combines long-term wear with all season reliability in all weather conditions.

Chip and tear resistant compound is molded into five rows of tread blocks. These tires have a self-cleaning tread design that has been computer optimized.

The tire features dual steel belts and nylon reinforcement on top of dual layer polyester core. The multiple layer design provides strength and durability. These tires are known for a quiet ride on the roadway or highway, we also gave them the award for best off road tires for F150.



The Wrangler DuraTrac is the best winter tires for F150 trucks who are used in severe winter. Designed to be an on/off-road traction tire. It’s designed as a multi-purpose tire for trucks, sport utility, and commercial vehicles.

With self-cleaning zigzag sipes, the Goodyears TractiveGroove Technology provides superior traction in deep mud and snow. A rim lock stops wheel slip and built-in rim protector keep the wheels from accidental damage.

Tire Buying Guide Part I: How to Read Tire Lables

The biggest and easiest mistake you can make is choosing the wrong size. Look on the sidewall of your current tires. You should see a code that will tell you your tire size and capabilities.

It will look something like this: P190/40R18 66H M+S

  • P – Type of tire
  • 190 – Width across the tread
  • 40 – Aspect ratio of sidewall to width
  • R – Radial construction
  • 18 – Diameter of the rim
  • 66 – Load rating
  • H – Speed rating
  • M+S – Suitable for all-season

Passenger car tires and light truck tires are different. Often truck owners will pick car tires because they are cheaper. Do not do this if you are planning on loading your truck bed or pulling a trailer consistently.

Tire Buying Guide Part II: Top 7 Things to Consider Before Buying New Tires

Let’s start at the beginning. Tires are rubber compound filled with compressed air that goes on the rims of your truck. Their goal is to support the weight of your vehicle, help pull the truck forward, stop efficiently, and cushion your ride. Some tires accomplish this better than others, which is where we come in to help make shopping for your Ford F150 Tires a little easier.

Know Where to Buy

Your most expensive option is the return to the dealer. You’ll know they are putting the best tires for F150 trucks on, but they could cost twice as much as other places.

Your local tire shop may be the best place for the average person to buy reasonably priced tires, However, you’ll still be paying a premium for the tires and the labor.

The third option, that’s becoming increasingly popular, is to by directly from the manufacturer and have a local tire store do only the installation. This is going to take a bit more of effort from you, but it’s likely going to save you a lot of money.

Consider How You Drive

For most people, a good all season tire is all they need. It is common for people to overestimate the amount of tire that they need.

Find the right balance of ride quality and load-bearing capabilities. Keep in mind your truck handling will change if you decided to go with plus-sized tires.

Consider Fuel Economy

Buying a tire that is different from the one the truck manufacturer chose can affect your fuel economy. While fuel economy may not be your top priority, it should be taken into consideration.

New vs. Used

Purchasing used tires may save you money in the short run. It is not the smart choice. It is unsafe to purchase used tires. If you are dead set on purchasing used tires, you need to be very careful to inspect for tread wear, defects, and no plugs. Sometimes the best F150 tires that you can get directly from the manufacturer are cheaper than used ones anyway.

Select Tires Base on Tread Wear

Rough road conditions wear tires down more quickly. If you live in an area where you will be driving through wet or snowing conditions, you need to pick a tire that can handle it.

Picking the wrong tire for the conditions will cause faster tread wear and could be dangerous. For most people a good quality all season tire is acceptable.

Vehicle Manufacturer’s Recommendations

Ford recommends a certain tire for their truck for a reason. They have done the testing and research to know which tire is going to improve the performance of the truck and your ride.

Read the Reviews

The best way to find out how a tire performs is to read what other people have to say about the performance of the tire. Read reviews from multiple sources. People are more likely to write a review when they are unhappy, so take all reviews with a grain of salt.

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