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When it comes to cars, it’s fairly common for people to consider performance and exteriors before their tires. While this is understandable, it’s important not to neglect your tires. Looks and handling are two of the biggest reasons most people have for choosing a specific car. With the right tire, you can change the way your car handles, entirely. Check out our list of Honda Accord tires, and get the edge on your automotive experience, today.

Some folks have started buying their tires online to save money. This works especially well if you do not have to pay a large shipping fee. If you decide to go this route here are a couple things to keep in mind. Once your tires are shipped and received, you’ll want to schedule an appointment with a nearby tire installer. Some shops charge a very reasonable fee. We do not recommend trying to mount tires yourself. It is a bit tricky and is best left to a trained professional.

Comparison Table: 10 Best Honda Accord Tires

Here is our list of the 10 Best Honda Accord tires on the market. We’ve arranged them by price for you, lowest to highest. The ‘closer look’ section below the chart reflects this same order for ease of browsing.

ImageTireSpeed RatingAvg. TreadwearPopularityCost
The Continental PureContactH60,000 Miles
The Goodyear Eagle SportW50,000 Miles
The Cooper CS5T80,000 Miles
Bridgestone Potenza RE970AS Pole PositionW40,000 Miles
General AltiMAX HPH55,000 Miles
The Michelin Primacy MXM4V50,000 Miles
Continental ExtremeContact DWSY50,000 Miles
Yokohama Advan Fleva V701WN/A
Goodyear Assurance ComforTred TouringV70,000 Miles
The Michelin PremierV60,000 Miles

Closer Look: The 10 Best Honda Accord Tires for 2020

Even with all of these considerations to make, there are certainly some tires that work better than others. Let’s take a look at the top five performing Honda Accord tires for 2020:

1. Continental PureContact with Ecoplus Technology

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  • Estimated Cost for a Set: $372
  • Speed Rating: T
  • Warranty: 70,000 Miles
  • Type: All-Season

Another fantastic all-season model, the PureContact is Continental’s love letter to sedan drivers. Which isn’t to say it doesn’t fit in nicely on minivans coupes, and crossovers, either. Continental’s Eco Plus technology works with all-season tread to improve treadwear and save on fuel costs.

continental purecontact radial tire

This is a tire that can actually save you money, just by using it. As far as Honda Accord tires go, the PureContact has a lot to offer.

2. Goodyear Eagle Sport

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goodyear eagle sport as vsbtl radial
  • Estimated Cost for a Set: $388
  • Speed Rating: W
  • Warranty: 50,000 Miles
  • Type: All-Season

This is one of Goodyear’s top-performing all season tire models. Highly responsive handling compliments year-round handling, making it a perfect tire for any weather. Built-in rim protectors help to protect your wheels from damage. At the same time, Goodyear’s Wrap Construction feature actually improves steering response.

goodyear eagle sport

As an all-season tire, it’s already a top performer. Add to that Goodyear’s extremely reasonable pricing, and this is one of the top choices out there for Honda Accord tires.

3. Cooper CS5 Grand Touring

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cooper cs5 grand touring radial tire
  • Estimated Cost for a Set: $400
  • Speed Rating: T
  • Warranty: 80,000 Miles
  • Type: All-Season

Considered by many to be the best model in Cooper’s line at the moment, the CS5 is also one of the most exhaustive Honda Accord tires on the market. Silica tread compound adds a better grip on dry roads, compounded by 3D micro-gauge grooves.

cooper cs5 grand

Wear Square technology allows drivers to easily check in on the state of wear on their treads. The asymmetric tread improves grip in different road and driving conditions. StabilEdge can even make steering more responsive, and the 15 to 19 ” tires come with 60 or 70 thousand mile tread warranties.

4. Bridgestone Potenza RE970AS Pole Position

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  • Estimated Cost for a Set: $472
  • Speed Rating: W
  • Warranty: 40,000 Miles
  • Type: All-Season

For some drivers, performance trumps all other features when making a decision about tires for a Honda Accord. With this offering from Bridgestone, you’ll be surprised with the kind of handling you’ll get as you take corners in your Accord.

Bridgestone Potenza RE970AS Pole Position

These tires also offer a unique level of traction to keep you gripping the road. The RE970AS Pole Position from Bridgestone has been topping a lot of lists lately. Maybe it should be on yours.

5. General AltiMAX HP

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  • Estimated Cost for a Set: $520
  • Speed Rating: T
  • Warranty: 75,000 Miles
  • Type: All-Season

For most buyers, the price tag is the first feature they look at in a tire. These tires for the Honda Accord are a great value if a budget weighs heavily on your decision making.

With this release from General, you’ll get superior all-season traction with the comfort that you’d expect from a more expensive tire. And of course, the low price doesn’t hurt.

6. Michelin Primacy MXM4

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michelin primacy mxm4 touring radial tire
  • Estimated Cost for a Set: $584
  • Speed Rating: V
  • Warranty: 55,000 Miles
  • Type: All-Season

Slightly higher priced than other tires on this list, the MXM4 brings with it a nice blend of everything you want in a tire. Smooth handling with minimal noise makes for an extremely comfortable ride.  Add to that the improved grip, even across varying types of terrain, and this is a tire that’s worth every penny.

7. Continental ExtremeContact DWS

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Tires for a Honda Accord coupe don’t come any better than the ExtremeContact. If you’re looking for improved performance, these tires can be the thing to soup up your V6 without having to shell out the money for all the trim.

Few all-season tires perform as well as these. They give excellent traction in all weather conditions, including rain and winter weather.

Continental ExtremeContact DWS Tire
  • Estimated Cost for a Set: $600
  • Speed Rating: Y
  • Warranty: 50,000 Miles
  • Type: All-Season

You get a long tread life without any extra noise. The combination of performance and comfort is rare in a tire at this price range.

They even include a tread monitor to alert owners when the tire is reaching the end of its top grip lifetime. A small S will disappear when the snow traction is no longer optimal and a W will wear down to let you know that wet weather performance may suffer.

8. Yokohama Advan Fleva V701

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  • Estimated Cost for a Set: $604
  • Speed Rating: W
  • Warranty: N/A
  • Type: Summer

These are the tires for Honda Accords that give a solid level of grip in the summer months and dry conditions without suffering any bit in performance. Their top priority is definitely sporting and handling.

Yokohama AVID ENVigor Tire

If you’re into modding your car for optimal performance, these are tires made just for you. Although traction in more severe weather leaves something to be desired, the handling is superior. In warmer climates for sporty drivers, you’ll be pleased with the cornering and handling all year round.

If you take your Honda Accord up and around angles and turns, these tires will give the added grip you’re looking for.

9. Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Touring

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  • Estimated Cost for a Set: $680
  • Speed Rating: V
  • Warranty: 80,000 Miles
  • Type: All-Season

If you’re looking for all-season traction, this option from Goodyear might be the tire for you. The ComforTred design will give you a quieter, smoother and more comfortable ride than previous offerings.

Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Touring

The Grand Touring All-Season option is currently one of the highest-rated tires from several outlets. If you spend long hours commuting in all weather, this might be the tire that makes all the difference for you.

10. Michelin Premier A/S

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michelin premier as touring radial tire
  • Estimated Cost for a Set: $696
  • Speed Rating: V
  • Warranty: 60,000 Miles
  • Type: All-Season

Coming from one of the premier tire production companies, the Premier A/S tops not only our 2020 list of Honda Accord tires but dozens of others. And with good reason. This tire is built with every car in mind. Tread composed of silica and sunflower oil compounds makes for improved traction, especially on wet or snowy roads.

michelin premier

Hidden tread grooves slough off water like a dream. Twin steel belts and a polyester cord body helps keep your tire in tip-top shape for longer. That being said, this is a tire that performs incredibly well, even as it degrades.

Top Considerations Before Purchasing Honda Accord Tires

There’s a lot that goes into buying a new set of tires, no matter which car you drive. It’s important not to underestimate this, or make any decisions before you know the most important things to look for.

Best Tires for Honda Accord


Price is the first consideration for any driver buying new tires. How much are you willing to spend on a set of new tires? Depending on where you go, you’ll find Honda Accord tires for very different prices. Some brands offer great handling at a not-so-great price.

Others claim to have everything you need, but their price tag seems almost too good to be true. As with any other purchase, the final decision comes down to you. Go into it with a budget in mind, and you’re already halfway done.

A word of caution, though: high-quality tires tend to cost more, and this is something many buyers underestimate. If you research the price of Honda Accord tires and come up with numbers that surprise you, give some thought to widening your budget.

Other tools, such as wax or a high-quality jack can all help to prolong the lifespan of your vehicle as well.

Tire Size

Tire Size Diagram

It goes without saying that tire sizes affect your buying power, but we’ll say it anyway because it’s an important point. Depending on your year and model of car, you’ll want to find tires that match your size specifications, so that they fit.

How to Read a Tire Specs

The same goes for Honda Accord tires. Your choices come down to two options: either invest in tires that fit your Accord perfectly or look into tires that require new wheels. The obvious implication is that tires that don’t fit your car will call for a lot of additional expenses. So size can and will make a big difference to your price.


Tread might be the most important part of any tire. The size and shape of a tire tread directly affect how well they work in different conditions. Tread falls into the categories of symmetric, asymmetric, and directional.

Symmetrical tires are less difficult to make, and thus cheaper than the other two types. They typically offer solid road handling but lack in all-around performance on gravel or wet roads, for instance.

Asymmetric models have inner and outer “zones”, to limit drifting and skidding on different terrains. This improves the tire’s handling around corners but also makes it slightly more expensive. Lastly, directional tires are more suited to sports driving or snowy weather. These tires are specifically designed to improve traction, making them efficient on wet roads.

Seasonal Considerations

Something important to keep in mind is weather conditions. You should consider the prevailing weather in the city where you’ll be using the car most. There are certain areas where you’ll need seasonal tires in order to drive throughout the year. Thick snowfall or heavy rains that take place around the same time every year mean that you’ll want to have a set of heavy weather tires.

On the other hand, all-season tires are available. The only thing to keep in mind, with these, is to gauge them according to durability so that you don’t have to replace them in the middle of a bad season.

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