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The tires on your car go … hiss and clonk? If you’re dealing with a flat tire or coming up on time to replace them, you obviously want to get the best you can buy. But what does that mean? What are the best tires for Rav4? What do you need to look for?   Well, to address the salesman question, probably not and yes they are. That’s why we made this guide. We don’t want you getting swindled, nor do we want you to buy bad quality tires.

Read below for our top picks for best tires for Toyota Rav4 Owners, as well as a buyers guide to help you determine which one is the right choice for you.

Best Tires for Rav4 of 2019

What are the best all season tires for Rav4? We’ve rounded up some of the best brands and models from the market and brought them to one place for you. Make sure you check your vehicles year before making purchases online to insure that the tire will fit your specific needs.

1. Blizzak DM-V2 Tire

best tires for toyota rav 4

Do you live somewhere with winter weather but don’t want to take and store snow vs. summer tires? Check out this offering from Bridgestone.

It’s affordable – you’ll pay a little over $100 per tire. Technically, it’s a winter tire, but you can transition it to summer. Grip-wise, the brand says it has “15% more block edges” to help over ice and snow. It drives evenly, so your back tire doesn’t do more work than any other (or vice versa).

2. BF Goodrich Rugged Terrain

BF goodrich rav 4 tires

If you want an all-season touring tire, this is a consumer review approved-pick. It has some killer tread options, the number of grooves and ribs are impressive to look at and even more impressive on the wet ground.

The pros and cons for this one are mostly pro’s – it has a smooth ride, the tires are quiet, and it has on and off-road capabilities. You can get them on Amazon for an affordable price, including 2-day prime shipping.

3. Kumho Road Venture APT KL51

Kumho Road Venture APT

You can’t go wrong with this all season tire. It has a more traditional tread pattern than the last option, but that doesn’t mean it’s less useful.

It has a good turning ration, they’re easy to steer, and they drive quiet. They’ll cost you a good bit, though. Remember, that tires are cost-quality related. You spend more on a tire, you’re going to get a longer life.

4. Yokohama Geolandar A/T

best tires for rav4

This all-terrain tire isn’t messing around. It’s the company’s most intense offering – so it’s great for those of you that like to off-road. Though it’s designed to handle some serious natural materials and slippery mud, it doesn’t lack in comfortable handling on-road.

It has a long lasting tread life and you can easily transition these to winter – even in snow-heavy places. Just be sure to have some chains in the trunk – there are more and more chain laws in place for snowy states. Price-wise, this isn’t a bad choice. You’ll pay about $132 – under $135, even with regular price changes.

5. Hankook DynaPro HP2 RA33

hankook dynapro hp2

This tire is a traction hero – other than in areas where it REALLY rains. It can handle the occasional wet road and heavy rain shower, but if you live somewhere where rivers form on the road – skip this guy, The tire is made out of a full silica compound, which gives it defense and grip power. Since silica is water-resistant, it slips less on wet roads.

It is better for light off-road use, like people who live down dirt roads. It behaves well on the highway and you can easily get 5 years out of a set.

They’re more expensive than our last choice, but not by much, and Hankook makes some of the best quality tires around, so we think if you’re on the fence it’s worth the extra cost to try them out.

Amazon Installed?

With all of these Toyota rav4 tires, except #3, Amazon will ship the tires to a service center for no extra charge. When you choose this option, you pick a price for installation to go along with purchase. Once the tires arrive at the facility, you bring your car in and everything’s taken care of. This way you don’t have to figure out how to get a giant box of tires into your car and buy new tools.

We know your Rav4 has some good hatchback space, but four tires is probably pushing it. To take advantage of this new offering, click where it says “Get professional tire installation” under the price. You’ll then see “select a service option” and you can go from there!

Tire Buying Tips

First thing’s first – who told you to buy new tires? There’s a trick that you can do yourself which tells you if it’s time.

penny tread test

  • Take a penny and insert it into your tire tread (the grooves).
  • Place Lincoln’s head down into the tire tread. You want to see if the top of his head is hidden in the tread.
  • If you can’t see where his head and forehead meet, your tires are fine.
  • If you see a little bit above that point, new tires are on the horizon.
  • If you see the top of his hair, then you need new tires, almost immediately.

Keeping up with when you need new tires is up to you – your tire provider may send reminders when it’s been a certain time, but treads aren’t 100% predictable. Driving fast, driving in different conditions, and tire quality can lead to a need to replace sooner.

Check The Manual

In about every single car article we write you’ll see us refer to the manual. Why? It’s the #1 source of information for your car! It can tell you things like what the ideal tire type and size is, how often to replace them, along with thousands of other details. Getting the right Toyota Rav4 Tire Size can not only depend on the year, but also the edition. So find it, and read it!

Check Your Code

Before you start looking for tires, you need to look at the ones you have. What numbers are on the side? Each number has a different meaning. If you’ve ever filled your tires yourself, you probably know how to find the PSI rating. You’ll find the tire type and size near that. It’s usually the tire information, then the PSI – so look to the left of the PSI,

Write this down on a piece of paper, we doubt you’ll remember all the numbers and their specific order. They will ask for this number if you’re trying to find the same tire or to find out what type of tire you need.

Buy Four if Possible

best tires for rav4

If you can afford to replace all four tires at once, you really should. The idea is that each tire, even if it’s the same size, is different. The difference in tread or rotation can throw off your alignment.

It may not seem like much of a difference, but it registers as more if you’re going fast on the highway. Since the Rav4 is an all-wheel drive – this is even more important. People with front wheel drive can usually get away with replacing the front two and having different back two. Not you, friend. That’s the price you pay for all wheel drive.

Use The Web

Buying tires online is like buying anything else online. You’ll have more choices in price, type, and details. One site may offer a warranty and free shipping, while they “forget” to tell you to register the warranty in person.

Since you’ll be paying around $800 for a set of four tires, most sites will chip in for shipping. Now, granted, if you buy tires from a store they’ll install them for no fee (most of the time) so it’s worth calling and comparing prices. If you can install tires yourself, then there’s no question that online is better. If you can’t even change a flat, then calculate in the installation price.

Keep The New Ones Nice

best rav4 tires

Finally, once you have your new tires on and paid for – you need to take good care of them. That means getting regular rotations and alignments.

Mis-aligned tires wear down the tread unevenly and can lead to dangerous conditions. Most places that install tires will rotate them for free (if they installed them) or for a cheap fee. Rotate them at least as often as you get your oil changed.

Professional Tire Installation

Most of the time, it’s cheaper to get someone to install your tires. Sure, you could do it, but what’s an extra $20 per tire? You could spend that time with your kids or catching up on emails. If you feel comfortable doing it yourself- then go ahead, but be sure to get them aligned professionally soon after.

We hope you enjoyed this guide to the best tires for Rav4. Be sure to check the tire size on your current tires, since different sub-versions of the Rav4 take different sizes.

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