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Does your Tacoma need a new set of wheels? Here are a few of the very best tires for Tacoma vehicles that you can choose from.

The Toyota Tacoma. The iconic truck that may be in the lightweight category, yet offers so much it has consistently garnered top reviews, such as boasting of amongst the best off-road features in the small truck industry. From excellent fuel efficiency to only the best in safety to surprising low-cost of ownership, there’s little left to ask for from this pick-up. And this just applies to the factory models. So, imagine how much more it can give you when you choose to make the wise updates. Investing in the best tires for Tacoma is one such upgrade.

With top-of-the-line larger tires, you can give your truck not just a more manly, aggressive look, but also improve its ground clearance and enhance its overall off-road capabilities.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry. I have here a list that will help you choose from the numerous Tacoma tire options you have.

5 Best Tires for Tacoma of 2019

To further guide you down the path to the best tires for Tacoma, I’ve researched the most-highly recommended offers in the market. Check out the top five below — you may just find the right ones for your prized ride.

1. Sumic GT-A All Season Radial Tire [Model 195/65R15 91H]Sumic GT-A All-Season Radial Tire - 195:65R15 91H

Combining superior quality with exceptional design, yet still within the reasonably-priced zone, the Sumic GT-A all-season performance radial tire sets you up for outstanding performance. These easily made our list being one of the best all season tires for Toyota Tacomas out there.

Here are some of its key features:

  • 1 pounds
  • 25 in x 25 in x 7.9 in
  • Tread wear indicator
  • 195 millimeters in width
  • 65 aspect ratio
  • Radial construction
  • 15-inch rim diameter

The Sumic product is available in other sizes too, so you’ll find the perfect fit for your Tacoma.

2. Milestar MS932 All-Season Radial Tire [Model 205/55R16 91V]

Milestar MS932 All-Season Radial Tire - 205:55R16 91V

Another top all-season tire choice, the Milestar MS932 Sport delivers stability and comfort, whichever time of the year it is.

Here’s a more in-depth look at this item’s specifications:

  • 6 pounds
  • 9 in x 24.9 in x 8.4 in
  • Tread wear indicator
  • 205 millimeters width
  • 55 aspect ratio
  • Radial construction
  • 16-inch rim diameter

This is a great choice if you’re looking for something with a much more active handling and sportier performance.

3. Hankook Optimo H724 All-Season Tire [Model 235/75R15 108S]

Hankook Optimo H724 All-Season Tire - 235:75R15 108S

Delivering aesthetic, performance, and safety value, the Hankook Optimo H724 has a noticeably better handling and noise control than the competition. Price isn’t an issue too, without sacrificing comfort, weight, and mileage performance.

Some of it’s most important features include the following:

  • 7 pounds
  • 9 in x 28.9 in x 9.3 in
  • Tread wear indicator
  • 235 millimeters width
  • 75 aspect ratio
  • Radial construction
  • 15-inch rim diameter

And to top everything of, it also boasts of a center rib block that boosts handling and enhances stability while you change directions.

4. Goodyear Wrangler Radial Tire [Model 235/75R15 105S]

Goodyear Wrangler Radial Tire - 235:75R15 105S

Long has Goodyear manufactured top quality, long-lasting products, and the Wrangler Radial Tire is no exception. These are a top pick for the best tires for Tacoma 4WD.

Here’s why it may just be the perfect tires for your Toyota Tacoma:

  • 1 pounds
  • 235 millimeters width
  • 75 aspect ratio
  • Radial construction
  • 15-inch rim diameter

These are also available in other sizes, so make sure you choose the right fit. If you’re looking for the best off road tires for Tacoma, you can’t go wrong with these.

5. Westlake RP18 Touring Radial Tire [Model 195/70R14 91T]

 Westlake RP18 Touring Radial Tire - 195/70R14 91T

Truckers from all over the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, and even Africa and Asia have trusted Westlake Tires for all their off-roading needs. And the RP18 Touring Radial Tire is a favorite.

Let’s take a look at this tire’s specs:

  • 3 pounds
  • 8 in x 24.8 in x 7.9 in
  • Tread wear indicator
  • 195 millimeters width
  • 70 aspect ratio
  • Radial construction
  • 14-inch rim diameter

And because the Westlake Tire RP18 is all-seasonal, you can expect it to give you enjoyable and sporty performance, whether you drive it on muddy tracks, snow-covered roads, or your typical highway to work.

A Quick Look at the Vital Features to Consider

The best tires for a Toyota Camry aren’t necessarily an excellent choice for a Tacoma. So, to give you a clearer picture on choosing the best tires, let’s take a look at the following most important factors for consideration:

  • Vehicle setup (whether it’s a stock Tacoma, lifted, leveled, etc.);
  • Truck dimensions;
  • Primary uses for the vehicle;
  • Type of off-road terrain you intend to drive on (muddy, rocky, snow-covered, gravelly, etc.); and
  • Terrain difficulty or grade (flat, uphill, mountainous, etc.).

There are several other considerations, such as how important road noise, quality of ride, and mileage are to you. However, keep in mind that the best tires for Tacoma are those that can drastically improve performance, but more importantly, make driving as safe and pleasurable as possible.

Exact Tire Size and Type: Key Player in Ride Performance, Quality, and Safety

Just like how you need to get the right size for a Toyota Corolla, you also need to choose the correct tire size and type for your own Toyota Tacoma. So long as you make the correct sizing and install the tires properly, you can expect increased ride performance, quality, and safety. You have quite a lot of off-road tire options though, so you may find it a little confusing. I’ve narrowed the list down to the most popular, so you can have an easier time figuring out which ones perfectly suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for the best tire for Toyota Tacoma 4×4 or the best tires for Tacoma TRD off road, it is best to narrow your search based on what conditions you’ll be driving in.

Best Tires for Tacoma Truck


These tires deliver a good middle-of-the-road option if your primary intentions are to drive the Tacoma on both off-road and highways. There are many opinions when it comes to what the best all terrain tires for Tacoma are. Thanks to their interlocking tread features, they provide excellent traction on most types of terrain, including mud, dry snow, ice, and paved roads. They’re also the most affordable but will still last you long.


Muddy environments appeal to a lot of off-roaders, sure. But failure to equip your ride with the best tires for Tacoma for such a terrain can result in poor performance, ride quality, and safety. So, if you’ll mostly tackle mud, opt for mud-terrain tires. These boast of extremely durable and sturdy walls and have more aggressive tread. They have bigger lugs too. But they’re not just great on off-road muddy surfaces; you can expect great performance even on snow.


Living in snowy regions call for some of the best snow tires for your Tacoma. These tires feature various channels and grooves in their tread pattern, allowing them to have a firmer bite on snow and wet ice, which then gives you optimal traction.

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