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Looking for the best steering wheel cover for your whip? Today, we’re breaking down a few of our favorites for 2020. Ready to learn more about these essential auto components? Hop in and let’s get going!

More Than Just Style

Have you ever hopped into your car on a summer day, only to shriek in pain as your hand grazed the blazing hot seat belt buckle? Those can reach 130 degrees Fahrenheit or more and cause a second-degree burn.

Yet, did you know your steering wheel can get even hotter? That’s right. In a recent test, a car parked in the sun with a windshield shade up and the windows cracked had a steering wheel that measured 133 degrees Fahrenheit.

You have places to go, and don’t have time to wait for your car to cool down before you get revved up. You need the best steering wheel cover to protect your hands, get you back on the road and give your car some serious style, to boot.

10 Best Steering Wheel Covers

Not sure where to start in your quest to find the best steering wheel covers? Don’t worry! We have you covered here. Let’s review the ones that made our top-10 cut. 

1. SEG Direct Black Microfiber Cover

Best Steering Wheel Cover Material

Best Steering Wheel Cover Material

Imagine the luxurious appearance and supple feel of real leather but without the fussy upkeep. This microfiber version looks like the real thing but cleans up in a flash, making it as practical as it is attractive.

The material isn’t only skid-proof. It also resists heat and is eco-friendly. Designed to fit steering wheels with a 14.5-inch to 15-inch diameter, this cover is simple and blends in seamlessly with existing decor. 

2. BOKIN Leather Viscose Breathable Cover

Best Steering Wheel Cover for Cold Weather

Best Steering Wheel Cover for Cold Weather

You know a steering wheel cover can keep your hands cool in the summer, but what about keeping them warm during the winter? This cover’s unique design does just that, making it the best steering wheel cover for cold weather.

Made of a combination of microfiber leather and viscose, the cover is sweat-absorbing with anti-skid portions where your hands naturally grip. It is available in a universal fit of 15 inches. 

3. Sino Banyan Crystal Cover

If you believe that style takes precedence over practicality, why not add rhinestones to your steering wheel cover?

While this crystal cover isn’t as soft as some of its counterparts, the gems have been smoothed and polished to provide a comfortable hold. Now, they’re even purported to give drivers a mini hand massage while they’re on the road, amplifying their energy levels at the same time. 

Available in a custom design to fit any decor, these 15-inch covers are a fun way to add a little bling to your car. 

4. Vitodeco Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Cover

Best Rated Steering Wheel Cover

Best Rated Steering Wheel Cover

Especially in the middle of summer, it can be easy to transmit sweat from your hands onto the steering wheel cover. Yet, when you do so, you could also be sharing stinky bacteria. 

Left to fester, trapped under the cover, these bacteria begin to omit a funky smell that’s instantly distinguishable. In response, this genius design is odorless and convenient. If your car is a little on the smaller side, give this one a second look. It’s designed to fit steering wheels of up to 14.75 inches. 

5. Valleycomfy Leather Steering Wheel Cover

Best Grip Steering Wheel Cover

Best Grip Steering Wheel Cover

When nothing but the authentic material will do, this is one of the classiest and sleekest covers you can find. 

The cover itself weighs just over one pound, making it the heavy-duty answer your car, truck or SUV needs. It’s also 100% odor-free with an improved grip design, making it a functional year-round addition. One of the most generously sized options on the market, this cover stretches to accommodate steering wheels sized from 14.5 to 15.5 inches.

6. SuperArt Leather Anti-Slip Cover

If you’re more interested in expressing your fashion sense than blending in with the crowd, why not try a steering wheel cover adorned with bright purple accents?

While this version is available in violet, you can also find the same style in a plush and fuzzy pink, red wine tone or soft brown, among others. The leather version has a breathable design that allows for a superior grip. You’ll be able to select from sizes between 14.5 inches to 15 inches. 

7. BDK Genuine Leather Universal Cover

Best Leather Steering Wheel Cover

Best Leather Steering Wheel Cover

What sets this cover apart is its soft ridges that surround its circumference. Designed to be ergonomic and driver-friendly, it also features double-stitched seams, meaning you won’t need to worry about fraying threads.

Available in standard sizing (14.5 to 15.5 inches), the cover also includes an eco-friendly interior ring that prevents mold and bacteria buildup. 


Do you drive a hot rod that’s just begging for a sporty touch? This fashion cover is just the ticket. Its elastic design means that it slips easily onto 15-inch diameters and the buttery leather is boat expert craftsmanship.

Accent yours by selecting one with subtle colored stitching, available in orange, red, blue, purple and yellow. 

9. Rueesh Microfiber Anti-Slip Cover

Best Style Steering Wheel Cover

Best Style Steering Wheel Cover

This cover weighs a little more than most, adding to its ruggedness and flexibility. With its 15-inch design, it’s stretchy to accommodate wheels slightly smaller or larger. In the event that you require it, the cover also comes with a two-year warranty for an exchange or refund. 

10. Elantrip Carbon Fiber Breathable Cover

The calling card of carbon fiber is that it’s both durable and lightweight. This makes it an ideal fabric for a steering wheel cover. It also has a glossy sheen that gives it a luxury appearance. 

The eco-friendly cover is also sweat-absorbing, anti-skip and breathable, with an EVA lining and TPE inner ring that serve as buffers. 

With these options at your fingertips, you’ll have plenty of choices when it comes to decking out your car in function and style. Measure your steering wheel, make a list of must-haves and take a few for a test drive today!

3 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Steering Wheel Cover

The great thing about steering wheel covers is that they automatically elevate your vehicle without a major investment. You can install them yourself and choose from among the myriad of designs and styles.

Before you sort through your options, there are three essential things to know before you buy a steering wheel cover. Let’s take a look.

1. You Can Choose the Material

From the fluffy to the sleek, you can select the kind of steering wheel cover that catches your eye.

  • If you’re more of the practical type, search for the best leather steering wheel cover, as these are easiest to clean and provide a great grip. You can also choose from among rubber and synthetic mesh materials if the grip is especially important. 
  • For an attractive alternative, also consider wooden steering wheels. These aren’t quite as plush as other options, but they add a touch of class and look great with leather upholstery. 
  • Of course, don’t forget to check out covers made in sheepskin or faux fur. These are a sure way to make a statement on the road and can be purchased in conjunction with similarly styled car accessories, including gear shifters, seat covers and more.

2. They’re More Than Just Hand Savers

Of course, the primary intent of steering wheel covers is to protect your hands from extreme temperatures. Yet, they can also serve another purpose.

Do you have an area of your existing steering wheel that is ripped or torn? What about those places you always rest your palms? Are those fading away and becoming threadbare?

A steering wheel cover can help to mask these defects and give the area uniform appearance. This is much cheaper than totally replacing the unit and more aesthetic than slapping on a patch. 


Moreover, a steering wheel cover can also be a great way to express your personality on the highway. For instance, you can find one in your favorite cartoon character’s likeness, in your favorite color of fabric or even for your alma mater. It’s a cost-effective way to make a big impression that everyone will see. 

3. One Size Doesn’t Fit All

You might fall in love with the best rated heated steering wheel cover, but if there’s only one left in the store and it doesn’t fit your vehicle, you may be out of luck.

Some versions are stretchy and simply slide over your steering wheel, enabling them to accommodate a variety of sizes. Yet, others have to be stitched together to provide a snug fit. 

best steering wheel cover

Getting the Best Fit

Measure the diameter of your steering wheel. It should be around 14 to 17.5 inches across. You’ll need to know this data when you go shopping for a cover. You should also know the measurements of your steering wheel grip.

Using a tape measure, wrap it around the wheel itself to determine thickness. It should be around 2 to 4.5 inches. This is another dimension to consider when you look for a steering wheel cover.

What to Look for When Shopping for the Best Steering Wheel Cover

Before adding a cover to your virtual cart or steering it to the checkout line, check to make sure it meets your specifications and measurements. Then, consider the material choice and picture how it will look installed in your vehicle. Remember, above everything else, your cover should be practical.

If you’re finding it difficult to keep your hands in a 10-and-2 position (or 9-and 3) because your furry pink steering wheel cover keeps causing your hands to slip, it’s time to shop for a new one. 

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